How To Transform Bland Web Copy Into Digestible Bits Customers Crave



You sit down to write your web copy…

Your fingers hover over the keyboard as your mind goes blank.

You have an amazing product/service to offer but all of a sudden you can’t think of a single way to explain what it is you do. More importantly, you can’t find the words to express the tremendous value you have to offer and why they should buy from you and not the guy or gal in the virtual shop next door.

What you sell doesn’t matter if you can’t translate it into words your customers understand and make it POP.

Chop Chop Chop It Down


Avoid long, block texts at all costs. Internet users are bombarded with content ALL DAY LONG.

Including large chunks of text is a sure way to deflect the reader and send them on a search for digestible content elsewhere.

Think about when you’re scrolling through Facebook on your phone. What kind of posts draw you in? Which ones overwhelm you and send you scrolling on to the next thing?

Easy Ways To Chop Away At Long, Boring Text:

  • Create lists (like this one!)
  • Allow for strong, standalone sentences.
  • Add relevant eye-catching visuals.
  • Use italics and bold to emphasize important points.

Change it up, break the flow. Draw ‘em in and keep ‘em interested.

Morph Into Your Customer


Avoid talking about yourself.

The hard truth many business owners struggle to accept is that the customer doesn’t care about you. They want to know what’s in it for them.

So tell them. Prove you’re wonderful with words from your best clients. Testimonials with a picture, name and business speak volumes compared to quoting yourself.

Slip into your reader’s clothes, switch on their brain and heart and speak to their truths, pains and desires to spark action (the sale).

Make White Space Your Friend

You do NOT have to fill the page with information. Less is more in the online space. Stick with the fundamentals and don’t be afraid of spaces.

Create short paragraphs.

Space out your content to make it legible and scannable for the web.

Sell ‘Em What They Want, Give ‘Em What They Need


You’re not selling a new vitamin or supplement. You’re selling the confidence that comes along with finally having the body your client’s been dreaming of for 15 years. The vitamin is a small necessary part of obtaining the bigger picture. No one cares what the pill looks like. Your web copy should be filled with the aftermath, the dream your product brings to life.

Dive into your readers desires, pain, hopes and nightmares. Make them yours and speak to those emotional pressure points.

Word by word in your copy.

Be Yourself

Don’t get caught up in being overly formal. Professional doesn’t mean stuffy. Have a conversation with the reader in your web copy. Imagine you’re sitting at the bar with a friend drinking a beer. Let the conversation flow naturally.

Ask For The Sale


Catchy copy serves zero purpose if it doesn’t bring your prospect one step closer to the sale. Don’t be afraid (or forget) to ask for the sale.

It’s easy to fall into the pithole of believing that your clients know when you’ve got something good for them.

Reality is: if you don’t share your awesome new product or service, no one will ever know it exists.

My job is to write content that gets your readers excited about what you sell, making your words stick in the distracted minds of buyers so they’ll come running to buy your product or service.

Say goodbye to boring, mundane content that gets lost in the crowded corners of the internet.

Turn bland web content into the digestible bits customers crave.

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